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A lawmaker indeed

He must be made to account for his action

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Law was violated on several counts by one whose job it is to legislate new laws. The act of an AL MP from Bagmara exposes a dismal picture of the level of moral degradation, scant respect for law and protection of criminals by the politically powerful.
What should one make of an instance where a convicted person, charged and sentenced by a mobile court for pursuing an illegal business in the form of an unlicensed brick kiln, is snatched by a local MP from police custody. The owner was fined last year for running the same kiln illegally.
This is a preposterous act, simply unheard of, and in any other law abiding country where there is rule of law the lawmaker would have been held to account for his action. Regrettably, an act of impeding the course of law has apparently met with helpless diffidence from all concerned.
The process of law has been impeded in many ways, and each of these is a cognisable offence. Firstly, the said legislator from Rajshai - 4 Constituency tried to influence the process of law by asking the magistrate not to convict the accused. Secondly, having failed to do that, he took away the accused from police custody, the presiding magistrate having taken shelter with the UNO, having been threatened by the MP with dire consequences for not acceding to his 'orders.'
It is not a secret that local MPs have been known to influence the administration from time to time, but this blatantly unlawful act, an MP rooting for an offender, has set a very bad precedent which should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. No body is above the law and the Speaker as well as the law enforcing agencies must take cognizance of this illegal act. The legislator should be made to account for his action.

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