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Mint farming earns them good profit

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S Dilip Roy, Lalmonirhat

A farmer harvests mint grown in the field beside his house at Karnopur village in Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila a few days ago. Many farmers in the area cultivate the leafy vegetable rich in medicinal qualities as it sells for good prices.Photo: STAR

Twenty-five farmers of Fulgachh, Karnopur and Etapota villages of Mogholhat union in Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila have earned good profit from mint cultivation this season.
"I cultivated mint on eight decimals of land this season. I have already earned Tk 5,000 by selling a portion of the mature plants and hope to earn more Tk 3000 to 4000 by selling the rest whereas I got only Tk 2,000 as profit by cultivating other vegetables on the same land last year,” said Azaharul Islam, 47, of Etapota village.
"I had to spend only Tk 300 for the mint cultivation this season. However, it requires regular nurturing and so, I along with my wife and two sons always take care of the mint field," he said.
Ramoni Kanto Sen, 48, of Fulgachh village said he has already harvested 35 kg of mint from 20 decimals of land and sold 30 kg of it for Tk 9,000 -- at Tk 220 to 250 per kg.
"I will harvest more 30 to 35 kg of mint from the land," he added.
"Regular care is required to grow mint. And so, farmers generally cultivate mint on small pieces of land beside their homestead," said mint grower Kobad Ali, 50, of Karnopur village.
Mint growers get high profit as it has good demand in the market, said locals.
Rich in herbal quality, mint is taken raw as a tasty salad and used to add flavour to curries.
Besides, it is taken as a natural medicine for prevention and cure of different diseases.
Around two hundred farmers in Lalmonirhat district cultivated mint on 24 acres of land this year, said officials of the Department of Agriculture Extension.
With proper care, five to six kg of mint can be produced from a decimal of land, they said.
"Farmers got bumper yield of mint this season due to favourable weather and availability of good saplings. I and field level officials of agriculture department gave them suggestions on taking care of mint fields,” said Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila agriculture officer.

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