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Shakib Khan in his first TV commercial

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Shah Alam Shazu

Shakib Khan is considered the busiest and the most popular lead male actor in the Dhaka film industry at the moment. In his decade-long career, Shakib Khan has put all his focus on the silver screen, claiming that the reason for his singular attention to the silver screen is his love for acting.
Even before he became the top name in the film industry, Shakib Khan started receiving offers to do TV commercials. However, the actor always declined. Shakib said, “I ran for the presidency of the Artists Association and won the post -- to ensure that the interest of the artists are secured. But my main field of interest remains acting.”
The star, who recently signed his first agreement for modeling, commented, “I penned a deal on Wednesday to endorse RFL Group's Power Energy drink. The shooting for the commercial will be in February or March this year. It will be directed by Nafeez Munir. I agreed to the offer because I really liked their ideas.”
Shakib added, “Many top movie stars in our neighbouring country also do TV commercials. Over here, many people think that if movie stars become models, it will create problems. But I view it as a positive thing, and I hope my fans will also agree with me.”
Apart from his new modeling gig, Shakib Khan is also busy with his acting projects. On the first day of the new year, he was busy shooting for the movie “Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini”, where he pairs up with Joya Ahsan.
“Debdas”, another hyped film in the pipeline featuring Shakib, may be released next month.

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