12:00 AM, December 15, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, December 15, 2012

BCL embarrasses AL, its associates

Leaders believe troublemakers must be punished to restore image

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Hasan Jahid Tusher

Top leaders of ruling Awami League and its associated bodies feel embarrassed at Bangladesh Chhatra League's criminal activities, including the Bishwajit murder.
As the much-talked-about killing has made the government and AL high-ups furious, party leaders believe the time has come to take “strict decision” against BCL.
At least four top leaders, who include two senior ministers, didn't even want to talk about BCL, when The Daily Star approached them for comments.
A few others said they feel embarrassed after Bishwajit was hacked to death by a group of Chhatra League brutes in broad daylight during the December 9 opposition blockade.
They think much of their “achievements in recent months” and “regained public sympathy” following Jamaat-Shibir's countrywide attack on police has been ruined because of Chhatra League.
In these circumstances, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday directed the leaders of her party's associated bodies to remain alert so that none can infiltrate into their organisations with a plot to tarnish the image of the government.
“We are in power. People of vested interests will try to change their political colour and engage the party in different anti-organisational activities. Remain careful about it,” said Hasina, also the chief of AL and its different associated bodies.
The PM was addressing a discussion marking Martyred Intellectuals Day in the capital.
AL's two influential associated bodies Jubo League and Swechchhasebak League reportedly kept their workers away from the street showdown during the BNP's hartal on Tuesday and Thursday after Bishwajit was killed by Jagannath University unit BCL men.
Jubo League Chairman Omar Faroque Chowdhury said they had directed their party men not to be violent in any circumstances during the opposition blockade and hartal.
He said maintaining law and order is the task of police and government and he believes his organisation's prime duty is to create public opinion in favour of the government and the party through good work.
Talking to The Daily Star, he urged all the associated bodies of AL to give up violent acts for which the government might earn a bad name.
He also opined that bio-data should be taken and investigated before making anyone leaders in the AL's associated bodies. The Jubo League chairman said his organisation will leave no room for anybody found to have committed crimes.
Swechchhasebak League President Mollah Md Abu Kawser said they don't believe in street violence unlike some organisations.
Its organising secretary, Khairul Hasan Jewel, said they are on alert after the incident [killing of Bishwajit] and maintaining careful attitude in their political activities.
He demanded immediate arrest and punishment to the culprits of Bishwajit killing.
Jewel, also a former BCL joint secretary, said if anyone within any organisation commits a crime, it is not the responsibility of the organisation to save the person. The organisation rather should hand over the criminal to law enforcers.
AL Deputy Office Secretary Mrinal Kanti Das termed sad the killing of Bishwajit by BCL men. He said the PM has directed law enforcement agencies to show zero tolerance for the killers.

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