12:00 AM, December 05, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, December 05, 2012

Directors to elect BCB president

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Sports Reporter

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president will be elected by the directors instead of the councillors.
This was adopted and approved in the amended 2012 BCB constitution.
Earlier, a BCB president was nominated by the government. The previous board, the tenure of which expired on November 26, however adopted a resolution for an elected BCB president through councillors' vote which the National Sports Council (NSC) eventually did not endorse.
The NSC also approved an increase of councillorship of the top six Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League clubs (according to the last standings of the League) from one to two.
The new constitution also relaxed the clause about the councillorship of the district and divisional organisations. Now someone from other districts can obtain councillorship of any district. In the past it was mandatory that a councillor must be an executive body member of his respective district and divisional sports organisation.
It also adopted three selected directors from the NSC -- the country's regulatory sports authority -- in the 27-member board of directors including the president, in the constitution.

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