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Here are some comments that came in response to Sunday's The Daily Star news report headlined “It's my remark, not Amartya's”

Mufassil Islam
We must not be surprised at all as most of our politicians deny the truth.
Roni Rahman
Is the present government now targeting all the Nobel prize winners?
Niloufar Sarker
Whom should we believe now, with an incriminating audio? What a shame!
Ahmed Kamal
We need to read the full statement of Prof. Amartya Sen and the recorded statement of our respected FM. It says that a full discussion was held on the achievements of Bangladesh in various socio-economic fields to which both agreed, and why Bangladesh was getting inadequate international attention was also discussed.
It is a shame. From the time of removal of Prof. Yunus, our finance minister has been speaking against Prof. Yunus and also went on to say that he was the founder of Grameen Bank, not Prof. Yunus. But now he says Prof. Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank.
By ignoring the worldwide popularity and acceptance of Dr. Yunus, Muhith and his party people are just wasting time and demeaning themselves.
Dr Yunus may not be involved but the fact remains that investments in Bangladesh have been affected due to negative reactions from his powerful international friends.
Making irresponsible comments is probably one of the noted characteristics of the Bangalees.
Dr. Mahfuzul H Chowdhury
What a disgrace! It looks like people who are running the country have gone crazy. This is very unfortunate for the whole nation, not only for the Awami League government.
Shabbir A Bashar
I have heard the voice recording. It is not obvious that Muhith was quoting Mr Sen. I put it down to journalism eager to make a big issue out of nothing by trying to entangle a foreigner into what is clearly a domestic affair. Muhith's dislike for Yunus is well known. So what? People have the right to like or dislike whoever they want; Muhith must now provide evidence that Yunus is the major cause behind lack of FDI. Frankly, I think neither Yunus nor Muhith are so powerful that they can sway foreign investment so much.
Tirtho Mahmud
It is a sign that Bangladesh needs a new trend in politics and quite a new generation of politicians to run the country.

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