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Screening Option

When it comes to colon cancer checks, options exist

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For people who have had a negative colonoscopy, less-invasive screening options may work just fine for follow-up cancer tests, a new analysis in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests.
One of the advantages of colonoscopy is that it finds pre-cancerous polyps that can be removed before they turn into cancer. Fecal blood tests, on the other hand, typically catch very early cancers, so more patients screened that way will get cancer and need treatment, although they will have a good prognosis.
Although colonoscopy can detect and remove primitive form of cancer in colon, it is also more expensive than other options and typically not the most pleasant experience. Whereas a fecal test that also detects early costs minimum and another options for screening known as computed tomographic colonography (CTC) costs less than colonoscopy but it is hard to find in Bangladesh.
The researchers from the Institute for Technology Assessment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, said “no one screening test is right for everyone.” They pointed out that the best test depends on people’s own risk, their preferences, and which screening approach they are willing and able to adhere to in consultation with a doctor.

Source: Reuters

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