12:00 AM, October 24, 2012 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, October 24, 2012

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20 kids killed in Noakhali in last 2 weeks

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Our Correspondent, Noakhali

Pneumonia and respiratory tract infections claimed lives of at least 20 children at Noakhali Medical College Hospital (NMCH) in the last two weeks.
Hospital sources said around 180 children with pneumonia and bronchitis have been admitted to the 32-bed children's ward of the hospital until yesterday.
As the hospital cannot provide beds for the growing number of child patients, most of them along with their mothers are staying on the floor of the ward or in the corridor, the sources added.
Dr Lutfunnessa, head of the paediatric department, said children under two years of age and newborns, affected by pneumonia and respiratory problems, are coming to the hospital everyday.
Two to three children died of pneumonia or respiratory tract infections at the hospital each day in the last two weeks, she said.
Doctors and senior nurses said ventolin solution and saline are not available at NMCH. Scarcity of ventolin solution and saline are hampering treatment of child patients, they added.
A senior nurse said, “Only two to three nurses are on duty at the children's ward. It is not possible for them to provide proper heath services for over 180 patients,” she said
Dr Karnajit Majumder, paediatric consultant at NMCH, said the number of child patients with respiratory diseases has also increased in the private chambers of child specialists.

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