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Tin Purusher Gaan

Discussion and musical soiree at Chhayanaut

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Zahangir Alom

L-R: Sifayetullah Mukul, Imtiaz Ahmed (C) and Partha Tanvir Noved sing to a receptive audience. Photo: Mumit M.

Three Tagore singers -- Partha Tanvir Noved, Sifayetullah Mukul and Imtiaz Ahmed -- performed at a musical soiree titled, “Tin Purusher Gaan”, at the main auditorium of Chhayanaut on January 4.
Noted Tagore singer Laisa Ahmed Lisa delivered welcome address at the programme, while Tagore exponent Dr. Golam Murshid elaborately discussed on Tagore songs and style of rendition. Laisa Ahmed Lisa briefly read out the profiles of the featured artistes. She also rendered several songs at the programme. Partha Sarathi Sikdar, who compiled the entire programme, spoke on the different styles -- dhrupad, khayal, tappa, thumri, kirtan and baul -- prevalent in Tagore songs. The featured artistes performed Tagore songs inspired by South Indian tunes, Western tunes, numbers used in Tagore plays, and some that were written during the latter part of the bard's life.
Imtiaz Ahmed kicked off the event with a dhrupad styled “Ami Hethaye Thaki Shudhu”. Sifayetullah Mukul's rendition of the song “Amarey Koro Jibon Daan” followed. Partha Tanvir Noved presented “Ek Mon-e Tor Ek Taratey” at the event. Sifayetullah Mukul and Imtiaz Ahmed also rendered two other dhrupad-styled songs.
Partha Tanvir Noved performed two khayal themed Tagore songs -- “Nibhrito Praner Debota” and “Timir Obogunthoney”, while Sifayetullah Mukul offered “Kotha Hotey Bajey”. Performance of a tappa-styled “Boro Bishhoy Lagey” by Imtiaz Ahmed followed. Laisa Ahmed Lisa sang a thumri inspired song “Ki Shur Bajey” at the programme.
Sifayetullah Mukul performed a kirtan-styled “Ke Bolechhey Tomaye Bo(n)dhu”, while Lisa's soulful rendition of the song “Probhu Aaji Tomar” won the hearts of many. Partha Tanvir Noved presented “Gaan-er Jhornatolaye”. Tagore's Baul-styled songs were next.
Many Tagore songs were based on local and foreign tunes. Laisa Ahmed Lisa performed “Bajey Korun Surer Sthayi”, based on a South Indian tune, while Sifayetullah Mukul and Partha Tanvir Noved rendered two Western-influenced songs “Shokoli Phuralo” and “E Monihar”.
At the end, the trio with Lisa performed several songs used in Tagore plays and those written during the latter part of the bard's life. The repertoire included “Shuni Oi Runujhunu”, “Bajao Rey Mohon Banshi”, “Khelaghar Ba(n)dhte Legechhi”, “Joleni Aalo Ondhokarey” and more.
Sifayetullah Mukul is an analyst working for the United Nations Development Programme. Imtiaz Ahmed is a London-based doctor, while Partha Tanvir Noved is a journalist and a teacher at Chhayanaut. They all share a passion for music. Featuring Tagore songs, P&M Records of India, has recently produced their solo audio albums -- “Nabo Nabo Sur-e Taan-e” (Sifayetullah Mukul), “Adhora Madhurir Chhondobondhoney” (Imtiaz Ahmed) and “Biroho Bidhur Pakhi” (Partha Tanvir Noved). Formal launch of the audio CDs will be held in Kolkata, India on January 7.
Almas Ali (violin), Yousuf Khan (sarod), Asit Biswas (esraj), Iftekhar Hossain Sohel (keyboard), Enamul Haque Omar (tabla), Swarup Hossain (pakhawaj and khol) and Pradip Kumar Roy (mondira) instrumentally assisted the singers.
Nasima Haque Mitu aesthetically designed stage while Panchabhaskar was in charge of overall assistance. Samir designed light and sound at the programme.

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