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Gaffer's lifetime opportunity

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Sports Reporter

A group of former footballers pose for a photo at the BFF House yesterday. They are part of the 40-strong team of former and current footballers who will receive the Argentina and Nigeria teams at the airport today. Photo: STAR

Mohammad Abdul Gaffer is over the moon with joy and expectation at being nominated as the liaison officer of the Argentine team. The former national footballer and a stalwart midfielder of Abahani in the 80s, Gaffer migrated to Florida in the United States eleven years ago and has been settled there since. He only came to Bangladesh a month ago and was excited at having been given this lifetime opportunity.
“I am so very excited at the opportunity to be the liaison officer of the Argentina team. I think this will be the best moment in my life and even greater than my playing career.”
The former national footballer was spending time yesterday at the BFF along with former national team captain Arif Khan Joy, who has been nominated as the liaison officer of the Nigeria team.
“I will try to make sure that I do my job as well as possible and satisfy the team. This is a lifetime opportunity and I will make sure everything goes well and that I can cherish the experience for the rest of my life.”
Both Gaffer and Arif were spending time in anticipation at the BFF, but Gaffer's thrill was much greater as he would be having the opportunity to be with Messi for the course of the two days. And he was mindful of the fact that he had domestic demands to satisfy.
“I will try to obtain Messi's autographed jerseys and if possible others' as well. My two sons and a nephew back in Florida have specially told me to bring Messi's souvenirs for them. I can not go back if I can't obtain these.”

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