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We condemn the wicked remarks

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P. Haque, Uttara, Dhaka

With amusement and contempt, I read the ignorant and prejudiced remarks of AQ Khan, regarding Bangladesh's war of liberation.
Coming from a man who has neither morals nor ethics and whose life is based on anger over his country's humiliation before the entire world, we in Bangladesh, can only smile and shake our heads at his pathetic attempt to justify his corrupt method of developing 'nuclear technology' for a bankrupt country, whose people starve and women are killed every day, in the name of 'honour'.
Evidently, the success of Bangladesh is a thorn in AQ Khan's side. Has it ever occurred to him that his beloved 'land of the pure' committed atrocities in our golden Bengal, which put the Nazi atrocities to shame?
But again, his blind ignorance forbids him to see beyond his bigoted thoughts. I feel rather sorry for the Pakistani people, who have to declare AQ Khan their 'national hero'.
A nation has sunk really low, when an international nuclear thief, is the national hero. Good luck to them and good luck to AQ Khan. Perhaps he should come to Bangladesh sometime to see where we stand today; but again, do we want to pollute our beautiful land with the likes of him?
I also congratulate the DS, for its very pointed and thought provoking editorial on the subject.

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