12:00 AM, August 28, 2007 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 28, 2007

Govt to depart after restoring democracy

Says Mainul

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Staff Correspondent

Law and Information Adviser Mainul Hosein yesterday said the present government is a 'national government' backed by the army.
"Our present government is a national government, army-backed government. That means it is a collective government," the adviser said at a briefing after a meeting with the heads of news of different private television channels at the Ministry of Information at Bangladesh Secretariat.
"This government has an exit plan. We will depart after restoring democracy and there is no confusion about that," the adviser said, adding, "If our exit plan is hindered, then survival plan of many people will not work too."
"We will leave in a democratic way after handing over power to an elected government," he said.
The adviser however made no elaboration in this regard.
Asked if the notion of a 'national government' instead of the caretaker government would violate the constitution, Mainul said, "Why will the present caretaker government not be called a national government at its present position?"
Commenting on the recent incidents in Dhaka University, the law and information adviser said, "The situation that arose from Dhaka University was politically created. There were dreadful plans but we have been able to overcome the situation."
About filing of cases against a large number of people, the law adviser said, "Cases against a few people would do."
Terming the media the 'fourth estate', the adviser said, "With the help of all we have overcome the serious situation. We have saved the nation from a civil war. We have been able to establish discipline," he said.
Asked about the government's plan of 'roadmap to democracy', Mainul said, "We have taken initiative to separate judiciary from the executive and formulate acts for the political parties. We are working for holding a transparent election."
"It was the previous caretaker government's task to hold elections. But now our task is to restore democracy and hold elections because we came to power after democracy was destroyed.
"This government is working following a roadmap to democracy, not only a roadmap to election," he added.

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