11:00 PM, September 24, 2009 / LAST MODIFIED: 11:00 PM, September 24, 2009

Climate Change Fallout

Dhaka seeks $5b in compensation

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Unb, Dhaka

Bangladesh has sought 5 billion US dollars from the developed countries in compensation as an affected country due to climate change caused by global warming.
An official announcement in Dhaka yesterday said, State Minister for Environment and Forest Hasan Mahmud placed the demand during a high-profile meeting of the United Nations on environment affairs.
The meeting was presided over by UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon on Wednesday afternoon.
While presenting the country statement on behalf of Bangladesh, Hasan said, "Bangladesh is not responsible anyway for the worldwide environmental problems whereas it is in the most vulnerable position as a nation at risk."
To recoup the loss Bangladesh has incurred due to climate change, Dhaka sought $ 500 million on an urgent basis as financial assistance from the UN and developed countries.
The minister also presented the country paper to the UN on behalf of Bangladesh seeking another amount of $ 5 billion as compensation for next five years.
Earlier on Tuesday, Hasan took part in the roundtable discussion of the Climate Change Summit on behalf of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the UN headquarters.
He also had a bilateral meeting with US Special Envoy for Environment Tadd Starn.
During the meeting, the state minister discussed various adversities facing Bangladesh due to environmental disaster.
He also sought financial and technical supports from the developed countries in building and reconstructing dams in coastal areas, river dredging and forestation.
He invited Tadd Starn to visit Bangladesh.
Besides, the minister attended a luncheon with the Swedish forest and development cooperation minister and forest ministers from Tanzania,
Rwanda and the Maldives.

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