• Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Year Mired In Political Violence

The dawn of a new year is more a time for reflection than one of unqualified celebration. The passage of a year rings out an advent of the new with a tenor of novelty and fresh hope for the future. That way, it is traditionally greeted on an auspicious note. But in essence, the occasion is one of reflection and introspection as we take stock of the pitfalls and achievements of the year left behind to freshen up our resolve to steady the rocking ship and steer it to the shores of safety and collective well-being.
There is no clean slate in human affairs, the scribbles and chalk marks of the old year are ingredients to draw on for bridging the gulf between what was and what should have been and what still can be.
Ironically while 2013 was extraordinarily free from natural calamities, it was marked by a maelstrom of manmade disasters spearheaded by tumultuous and often fiercely partisan politics. In effect, the people suffered a punishing overdose of major political parties battling it out for power right down to the wire.
Naturally, politics has been focused in the special issue along with the state of the economy, both being intertwined, rather typically in our context. A carefully selected set of events has been dilated on and objectively analysed, hopefully offering new perspectives on the issues to our readers.
The contents inter alia include International War Crimes Tribunal, Rampal Power Plant, Ruppur Nuclear Project, Information Technology Amended Act, geo-political and maritime dispute with India, RMG sector including Rana Plaza collapse, climate change and Shabagh uprising.
The year ended on an extraordinary note of international interest in Bangladesh affairs, due largely to its tempestuous politics.
We wish a happy and stable new year to the people, our readers, patrons and well-wishers.


Published: 12:02 am Wednesday, January 01, 2014

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