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Today's Gallery (2017.04.30)

long tailback

Excavations for sewerage network development, renovation of footpaths, and movement of slow-moving vehicles like rickshaws alongside buses and cars create a long tailback on Bir Uttam Shamsul Alam Road, from Kakrail to Malibagh intersection, in the capital yesterday. During rains, the situation gets only worse. But authorities seem to be perpetually indifferent to public sufferings while carrying out development works. Photo: Anisur Rahman

chaktai canal

Gone are the days when boats used to ply Chaktai Canal in Chittagong city. The mindless dumping of garbage has almost clogged the once-flowing canal and left it in such an appalling state these days. As a result, storm water cannot recede smoothly, causing acute waterlogging in the port city. The photo was taken from Master Pol area yesterday. Photo: Anurup Kanti Das

test skipper mushfiqur rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim. File Photo: BCB

mushfiqur took the nets