• Thursday, March 05, 2015

Our present dilemma


WITH our two main political parties at loggerheads, where does that leave us, the common people?
Schools are closed, our children are bewildered. Garment workers are agitating; factories are being torched; there is a huge backlog in production of garment goods; economy is reeling from punishing hartals and oborodhs; transport sector is hard hit; buses are burning; trains are falling off their tracks; prices are spiraling due to short supply; the day labourers are moving around dazed, so many mouths to feed but no work to be found anywhere. Businesses are staring at losses, hospitals are filling up with the injured from violence in the streets. Jails are being filled with political prisoners, arrested on mostly concocted charges. Grave diggers are doing brisk business as more and more people die, for nothing.
How can our two lady leaders be so hard hearted? Don't they realise all this mess is because of their inordinate political stand. If only one of them would retract a little bit. We would be saved from this suicidal course that the country is taking. What is it? Ego? Petty jealousy? Outright hatred for each other? Lust for power?  Don't they see that the whole population is undergoing unspeakable sufferings?
The international community is clamouring for dialogue. But all seems to be falling on deaf ears. Reminds us of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning. Today, Dhaka burns while Hasina and Khaleda are playing their games.
If Sheikh Hasina is really acting as the saviour of democracy, I suggest let their be a national referendum on the caretaker government issue. This will settle the matter once and for all.
Otherwise the following is proposed: (i) Let there be no mention of the term “caretaker government” as Sheikh Hasina has taken an allergy to it, and (ii) Let Sheikh Hasina name 5-6/ persons (from political parties or otherwise). Likewise, let Khaleda Zia nominate 5-6 persons. Let them agree on one person who will be head of the interim government (surely they can find one person out of 17 crore). The only mandate of this government will be to conduct a free and fair election for peaceful transition of power.
We beg both of you to please act quickly and act wisely. Don't wait for the wrath of the people, which is sure to come if things don't change, soon.
We await a response with bated breath.

Writer's name withheld on request.

Published: 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last modified: 9:52 pm Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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