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By Osama Rahman

Working out at the gym for hours or minutes that seem like hours can be quite an arduous process. In order to make your sessions enjoyable and comfortable, it's prudent to remember the essentials that you just carry with you during each workout. This week, Star Lifestyle breaks down the lucky 7 gym essentials and tells you where to get them.

The gym bag: The first thing that you need is a gym bag. That's the place where you will be carrying everything else. Most sports shops carry gym bags. They are designed to reflect back-packs or even carry-ons, depending on your taste. Although a stylish gym bag is of course suggested, it's important to remember that gym bags wear down easy and thus durability should be the prime consideration here. Do not overspend on your gym bag as they hardly ever last but make your acquisition practical and feasible. New Market has a large collection to choose from with the prices starting from Tk.550 and above.

The foot fetish:  Footwear isn't really tricky business. Finding the right footwear in Dhaka, however is. For all of Dhaka's seemingly unending stream of imports, quality sneakers are hard to come by. The crème de la crème of the sportswear world are yet to make an entry into Bangladesh. Thus, the choices are harder to come by. Beginners can opt for a pair of running shoes or cross trainers whilst advanced lifters need lifting shoes. Lifting shoes can be found in a few sports shops such as Sports World and Sports Plus. However, they aren't always of great quality. Cross trainers are more common and found almost everywhere but good quality brands are preferable like the ones in Bata, Gallery Apex and Lotto. The shoes, depending where you buy them from, cost above Tk.1,000, but the good ones start from above Tk.3,500.
Short sort: Shorts are an integral part of working out. Here, reader's discretion is advised, because what may be convenient for one may be something else for another. Those who'd rather work out properly yet abide by their religion prefer to work out in full length trousers or three quarters, with a t-shirt on top. This is fine, but the shorts or trousers should be loose fitting. Body hugging wear can hinder the workout process. Shorts are widely available, with College Gate having an especially good collection starting from as low as Tk.60. Under-pants are also important, so stock up.
Towel: If you didn't have one already, then you really, really should get one. Be it summer or winter, a good workout means you sweat. A towel means you can easily hop into the shower and dry yourself in minutes, because everyone needs to shower after a good workout. And it's not just for you; it's common courtesy to wipe out the sweat from any gym equipment that you use. Otherwise, you are just gross.

Journal:  If you are just getting into the working out groove, a journal is a pretty good investment to make. By using a journal, you can write down the number of sets, repetitions and the time you take. This can help you set targets and thus boost your results from working out. The hardest part of working out is forcing yourself to the gym. Once there, it's all excellent. The journal is just the kick you need.
Music: Good music is what makes you want to push yourself harder. Most gyms here play romantic Hindi music, which really isn't what a good workout requires. Get yourself an mp3 player and lose yourself to the drive that follows every minute of Eye of the Tiger. Stadium market offers great deals on mp3 players, starting from as cheap as Tk.3,000.
Water bottle: This may be a no-brainer but many of us miss out on this essential more times than commonly thought. Quaker bottles, made out of tin or plastic, can come in handy, especially when you are dehydrating fast or need a protein shake. A plain old bottle of mineral water can do the trick, but a Quaker looks much sleeker. With Gatorade packaged such and Adidas and Nike also having their own line, these bottles aren't hard to find. Most sports shops and stationery shops have ample quantity in their stores. Quaker bottles start from Tk.250 and increase with quality and branding.
There you have it; the lucky 7 gym essentials. The best place for all these isn't the Stadium market, contrary to popular belief. Just opposite the stadium, the path that snakes through the belt shops lead to a two-storey building full of sports ware. This is the wholesale operation and it is from here that the entire stadium and other sports shop get their goods for cheap. Check it out.

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