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By Monica Islam

Winter ushers in a complete transformation of the women's footwear scene. Since winter in Bangladesh is not as chilly as it used to be a decade ago, let alone relative to other countries, boots and furry loafers are rarely needed and can look rather extreme if worn in certain instances. Instead, women opt for ballerina flats, pumps, and peep-toe platforms to prevent the winter chill from casting a spell on the feet.

Fall 2013-2014 trends
Ballerina flats combine the two qualities that are usually perceived as poles apart: comfort and fashionable appeal. With ballerina flats available in a wide range of colours, materials, and styles, there is a pair for every occasion. For instance, black embellished ballerina flats and velvet shoes are perfect for formal events. Although ballerina flats are mostly worn for casual wear, their light materials and thin soles do not make them ideal for rough outings.
Pumps seem to be trendy irrespective of the season. Black pumps are appropriate for evenings. However, to avoid developing swollen, painful feet, refrain from wearing pumps for casual outings or for a prolonged duration. Jewelled shoes are becoming increasingly popular as women's formal footwear. Most of these jewels are not real and as long as they do not appear gawdy, the shoes will look elegant on your feet. Apart from jewels, other forms of embellishments such as bows, buckles, and spikes add the necessary distinction to women's footwear this season.
Most people invest in clothes and shoes of darker hues in winter. Stand apart and beat the monotony with bright accessories and footwear. Solid colours and bold prints in burgundy, coral, lime-green, mint, blue, and fuchsia are particularly in vogue. Leopard prints and lacework on shoes that have entered the fashion scene only recently are predicted to remain trendy well into 2014. Currently, pointed closed-toe and peep-toe shoes are popular. For mildly cold days, d'orsay flats that reveal only the arches of the feet and peep-toe shoes that reveal the toes only partially are ideal.
Where can you get them?
Bata offers a wide array of women's footwear particularly for winter. From the classic blacks to the brighter hues, there is a pair that will fit every occasion and match every outfit. Bata has a diverse collection of every type of footwear one can imagine, including d'orsay flats, peep-toe platforms, pumps, and ballerina flats.
Rexine (artificial leather), velvet, matte fabric, and shimmering sequined footwear are available here. With varying heels and toe-box styles, the shoes in Bata will certainly satisfy the different levels of comfort and appeal. Remember to look in their different outlets if you do not find your preferred colour or size in one store.
Gallerie Apex has a similar collection of women's footwear for winter, mostly for evening wear, formal occasions, and weddings. You can find plenty of ostentatious velvet shoes and shoes with lacework in bright shades here. The colours are skilfully combined for various occasions; for instance silver with mulberry to reflect bridal fashion.
Due to a rise in online stores operating from Bangladesh itself, we cannot resist mentioning Guava, an online store that aims to deliver the “trends of high-street fashion stores” to Bangladeshis all throughout the year, without “drilling a hole in your pocket”.
You do not have to wait for trips abroad anymore to lay your hands on that cherished pair of shoes. Guava boasts a classy collection of leopard print and shimmering pumps; classic black d'orsay pumps; peep-toe shoes; shoes in shades of mint, turquoise, pink, and other bright colours; Rexine and velvet ballerina flats; and loafers with lacework. Check out Guava's Facebook page: facebook.com/guava.co or call 01782179534 for more information.
Most of these shoes available in Bata, Gallerie Apex, Guava, and elsewhere are priced between Tk.2000-Tk.4000 (inclusive of VAT).

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