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The way to a man's heart

That 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' has become a cliché may be claimed, but the fact that this notion is heavily followed on the event of Jamai Sashti -- a day dedicated to pampering the son-in-law -- hints at some truth in the statement.

Jamai Sashti is a grand family event celebrated in Bengal, thrown by the in-laws of the 'jamai' to coddle him with food and hospitality. This annual affair occurs on the sixth day of Sukhla Pakshya (fourteen day waxing phase) on the month of Jasthya -- usually a day in May or June. This year, Jamai Sashti is on 4 June.
The day is to commemorate the son-in-law and wish his (and his wife's) well-being. It's also an opportunity to bring the son-in-law closer to his in-laws.
There are a few important rituals that come with this event. A yellow thread is tied on the wrist of the son-in-law. A 'phota' (drop) of curd is applied on his forehead. He is then bestowed his gifts.  We have Father's Day, Mother's Day and so on. So why not have a Son-in-Law's Day too? This Jamai Sashti is the perfect candidate for Son-in-Law's Day.
There are many ways to pamper someone. Gifts are of course a part of the treatment. But one of the best ways to treat a man well is to treat him with lavish food.
And indeed, the meals of Jamai Sashti are very elaborate in variety, lavish in taste and grand in setting.
From 'puris' fried in ghee with vegetable and other curries for breakfast to a delectable spread of rice and mutton and fish curries or even biriyani at lunch and dinner -- and with several fruits and sweets -- the 'jamai ador' simply cannot get better than this!

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