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By Monica Islam
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed.
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed.

Dhaka is an ideal destination for the inquisitive explorer. Despite the seemingly overwhelming chaos in this abode of seven million undefeated souls, an inconspicuous social order runs through the veins of Dhaka, binding it into a cohesive, manageable unit, without compromising on its vivacity. Where else can you witness such collective consciousness within a populous community? Where else can you find such a marvelous social tapestry? Dhaka emancipates you from the monotony of life. The city is abuzz with activities, with curious onlookers. Delectable food awaits you in every corner.
Dhaka is the celebration of human spirit. While it may not be boasting of the tallest building in the world, Dhaka is a wealth of interest and intrigue. Locals will smile their ways into your heart. Experience the natural subtle pleasures of life as complexities of materialism have not fully tampered with this city.
Adventures here are not always mechanically-engineered in the form of a Ferris wheel or the likes, but are also integrated within the usual lifestyle. Every road can be a roller-coaster ride, and more so if you ride one of those battery-powered rickshaws that regularly ply the roads. Happiness is contagious here. Locals are content with the ordinary, and most have no idea how extraordinary they themselves are.
Dhaka embraces people of all stripes. While anyone can tailor the visit to suit his/her needs, Dhaka, for the most part, is collectivist and it will be quite unwise to assume that you will be left isolated. The city cherishes your individuality without invading your privacy.Combining modernity with traditions, Dhaka has much to offer to the traveller. From recreational places of international standards to natural settings with local ambience, the possibilities in Dhaka are endless.

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