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Scarves & mufflers

By Samiha Matin

In recent times, scarves and mufflers have become fashion symbols. For women, they are the perfect way to give oneself the elegant, retro and chic look. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns they indeed add a new vibe to our typical attires.
In winter, it becomes almost necessary to grab a muffler or scarf and wrap it around our necks to protect ourselves from the cold when we go outside. Clothing stores in all parts of the city have come up with a variety of fashionable scarves and mufflers to cater to our tastes. Whether it's a simple, monochrome cotton scarf or an expensive cashmere and silk scarf, these garments are always in high demand in the market, and not just during winter.
Personally, I find it easier to hang a scarf around my neck, rather than drape a long orna or shawl. Scarves certainly add decency to our outfits and especially during the warmer weather, they act as marvellous substitutes. They are smaller, easier to handle and goes great with T-shirts, fatuas, jeans, etc.
The way scarves can be manipulated to provide a fresh new look is incredible. A long scarf goes well with jeans and coat and you can go for the traditional way of draping it around your neck and ending with a knot.
Then there's the double wrap, where you drape your scarf around your neck and shoulders twice and then leave it like that. Thin long scarves can also be used to create double knots which add a nice effect when you're wearing plain scarves. And let's not forget the method of fluffing it around the neck which goes immensely well with women in their office outfits.
In summer, small silk scarves are the perfect accessories. Wearing it like a bow tie, twisting it around one part of our shoulder, engulfing our neck and ending it with several knots and wrapping it around our hair -- scarves and mufflers are a great way for you to get inventive. Plus, the Internet is flooded with various websites that will provide you great tips to help you stylise your look.
And scarves and mufflers are not just for women, they go well with men too. Think about how sexy Benedict Cumberbatch looks in his muffler and high-collar trench coat in Sherlock, although the high cheekbones and blue eyes do play a great role in that!

So start getting creative if you want to develop a new style, with the help of your favourite scarves and mufflers.

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