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Paradise found

By Osama Rahman

Imagine stretching out on a hammock on the verandah of your floating bungalow. Mountain tops block the last rays of the dying sun, while the sounds of waves echo in the distant. It is every man's private piece of paradise. Incredibly, it's exactly the kind of setting that Mermaid Eco-Resort in Cox's Bazaar offers.

Located in Pechar Dwip, Cox's Bazaar, Mermaid Eco-Resort offers the most luxurious break from city life, without having to part with a fortune. Its seamless blend of modern and natural desires ensures that one is free of the anxiety that today's world brings but at the same time enjoys the actual benefits of it. Spread over 1.7 acres, the resort has a lot to offer.

Mermaid Eco-Resort's first emphasis is on green. 16 recycled wooden bungalows, herbal spa treatments, organic food and almost everything recycled, explains why this place is eco-friendly.
The second clue is the resort's disregard for anything that disconnects with nature. There aren't televisions in most of the rooms nor are there air-coolers. Here, entertainment comes from all around instead of from a box. The pattering rain on your wooden, thatched roof promises relief from any heat, while the seas bring in a cool breeze almost every night.

Life is simple in Mermaid Eco-Resort but it is never boring. There's a Wellness Center where one can get massages. In the distant is a private spot on the beach which can be reached by boat. Unlike the rest of Cox's Bazaar, this part of the beach is usually for those who are part of the resort.

Inside the resort is the restaurant which serves pastas, calamaris, soup and everything that the Mermaid restaurants serve. A pond nearby also offers a fishing spot. In the rainy season, the bungalows find the stilts holding them floating above the ground flooded, as water gushes in creating a stream all for the visitor. The whole area is full of life.

Accommodations start from One Bedroom Water Bungalows, One Bedroom Studio Villa and Two Bedroom Villas. Once there, a feeling of serenity pervades. The promise of such beautiful silence is one that really is the deciding factor. Mermaid Eco-Resort, indeed, has many convincing cards to play.
For those who enjoy the lap of luxury even more and wish to indulge further, in the distance stands the new Mermaid Beach Resort.

Further into Pechar Dwip and perched right on the edges of the beach, this may be Mermaid's magnum opus. In fact, this is the very image that one always conjured up at the mention of the word mermaid; thatched, wooden bungalows lazily overseeing the expanses of the sea before it.

Mermaid Beach Resort is everything a beach resort should be. Scattered portions of secluded islands nearby, open air restaurant facing the beach to dine and watch sunsets and of course the Bungalows themselves. To go a step further, staff members play the role of islanders, sharing stories and laughs with the visitors. Here, one really is made to feel like a guest and once the ice is broken brand new vistas seem to open up.

The 1 room Beach Bungalows, priced at Tk. 6000/night boast spacious rooms, a huge TV, air-conditioning, natural light and even a private garden. The Tk. 8000/ night Beach Villa even comes with a beach cabana! The two bed room Family Beach Villa is the third and most expensive choice, going for Tk. 12,500 but apart from being the largest, they also offer sun soaked verandahs and are literally steps away from the beach!

Of course the near-private beach is the key selling point, but there's all the privacy the strategically placed boundary walls offer. The rustic decor combines well with the comfort it inspires, making Mermaid Beach Resort a home away from home.
Looking around us it's easy to understand our desire to escape to the beaches. Mermaid offers two hypothetical tunnels to aide us in our more modern, metaphorical Shawshank Redemption.

Photo courtesy: Mermaid Eco-Resort,
Mermaid Beach Resort

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