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Like O2 in your KITCHEN

By Raiha Ahsan

As you step into a new life and a new house through marriage, one place in the house that needs most attention is the kitchen. The kitchen is that favourite part of ours in a house which is sometimes overlooked. After all, the kitchen is where food is cooked and like they say, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach', and so this place needs some extra attention.
To make our busy lives a little less complex, the presence of some goods are a necessity.
Stoves: Stoves top the list of essentials. There are a wide range of stoves available in the market. You can choose to have a gas stove or an electric one. If you have a big kitchen and more people to cook for, you can choose to have one that has four burners or can settle for two burners. Stoves are available at New Market, Gulshan 1 DCC market, Town Hall bazaar and their starting price is Tk.1500 for two burners. These ones are usually of Chinese and Indian origin. Update International offers Italian stoves, which are built-in and can be bought in installments at 0% interest. Since stoves are a long-term investment, it is better to focus on their quality and longevity more than their cost.
Blenders, juicers and grinders: These three are absolute necessities as well. Whether you need to make purees or a fresh glass of juice, you won't regret investing in these gadgets. Blenders, juicers and grinders are available in sets and also can be bought separately. These sets or juicers can be found in Bashundhara City from Tk.1200. Traditional grinders are also available in market. If you want to avoid going to bazaars, you can find ones made of wood, clay and brass in Aarong. Their starting price is Tk.450.
Wooden spoons: Available in most superstores, New Market, Gulshan 1 DCC market, Town Hall bazaar, and we would also recommend checking out some at Aarong. Here it comes in the widest of ranges, mostly made of mahogany wood and prices start from Tk.72.
Kitchen tissues/towels: These are very useful and easily disposable. Whether you need to absorb some extra oil in our traditional deep-fried items or quickly wipe out some spills from cooking, these tissues are life savers as you don't have to worry about washing them afterwards or having separate towels for clean ups. Kitchen tissue towels are widely available in all superstores and roadside shops.
Cutting boards: Another must have in the kitchen is a cutting board. Cutting boards are available in plastic and wood and these help in keeping the kitchen clean and prevent tiles from getting cracked. Plastic ones are widely available, priced around Tk.150 in all the stores mentioned above. You can also find egg beaters and measuring cups in those stores which are also in our essential list. Egg beaters are not only useful in beating eggs but can be used to beat other ingredients, mainly required for baking. There are small ones and large ones, and also ones that are automatic (battery operated or needs to be charged).

Measuring Cups: Very handy when you are following recipes or even when you are making something from scratch. Measuring cups come in a set of few cups and spoons which will help you accurately measure ingredients before cooking. Plastic ones are available and are reasonably priced at around Tk.120.
Like we need to breathe in oxygen, our kitchen needs the above-mentioned items in addition to a few other gadgets depending on your personal choices in order to be a fully functional cooking space.  

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