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Kidz Leadz: A place for learning and fun

By Tasnima Haque Orin
Photo courtesy: Kidz Leadz
Photo courtesy: Kidz Leadz

For most working mums with young children, going out to work every day becomes a perennial dilemma. Who will watch over her toddler? While switching on the television set and maids are a make-do option, they are in no way the ideal way of raising a child.
Mums are filled with regret for not giving children enough time and to add to that every acquaintance adds their two cents of how bad at parenting the working parents really are.
The promotions and raises at work are nice enough, but they feel a whole lot better knowing the children are in safe and able hands while you are giving your best.
That is what compelled Lina Ferdows to start Kidz Leadz back in 2012. Kidz Leadz, located at Uttara's Sector-3 is a little bit more than your average day care.
“As a working parent myself, I have had tremendous trouble finding a place for my daughter to spend the day at and knowing many parents had to go through the same troubles, especially at Uttara, I decided to start Kidz Leadz”, Ferdows talked about her inspiration behind starting the preschool-day care.
The Kidz Leadz centre offers three types of activities, the Kidz Leadz Preschool, Day Care Centre and Kidz Leadz Cultural Centre. From humble beginnings with just a few kids, the numbers have kept growing and currently there are about 25 kids (one-and-a-half year olds to five-year-olds) who attend their pre-schooling programme, and 35 more who attend day care and the cultural centre.

Photo courtesy: Kidz Leadz
Photo courtesy: Kidz Leadz

Sessions each day start early at ten in the morning and run till seven in the evening, according to the parents' convenience. The children who go there are taught basic social skills, like mixing in a crowd, talking, sharing, using the restrooms.
Academics are not far away, with facilities like audio visual learning, the centre's very own theme park rides; the children there are never bored.
“At Kidz Leadz, we try to learn through playing” says Ferdows and in brightly coloured rooms children learn through storytelling, dancing, music and martial art. The centre holds plenty of events throughout the year, like the first day of spring, Pohela Boishakh, Ekushey February and other cultural and religious festivities.
While talking about the factors that make Kidz Leadz stand out from other day cares, the founder emphasises on engaging the children,
“We try our best to provide a fun place for the children to come, enjoy and learn. Technology rules now and children often have trouble socialising. In big schools the teachers hardly ever have the time to engage with each child personally and they feel even more left out. We make sure that here, every child gets the same care they deserve and many start to love coming here just so they can talk to other kids.”
Another factor that sets Kidz Leadz apart is their emphasis on practical learning. One day the children get to have a small picnic with the food they help prepare, the next day they have a kite flying programme and a trip to the adjacent vegetable garden the next day. In a city where a little bit of green seems too much to ask, their approach towards making each day memorable reflects where their focus is.
As challenging as watching over sixty children is, it is a job that requires passion and respeeat care. A day away from parents does not have to be a day away from fun. Instead it can be act for the little children and Kidz Leadz does it with gr day filled with fun, laughter and sharing -- and that is exactly what they aim to provide.
Address: Kidz Leadz, House# 52, Road# 4, Sector#3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Email: kidzleadz@yahoo.com


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