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INDULGE your mother

By Abida Rahman Chowdhury

She is a woman of extremes -- extreme tolerance, endurance, strength and compassion personifies this lady who has been by you through all your ups and downs. And we do not celebrate her enough, so come this Mother's Day make sure you acknowledge this lady who will be by you no matter what. Make your Mother's Day special this year with some of the gift ideas here compiled by Star Lifestyle:
Mother's day out!
All year round we keep ourselves busy with school, classes, work and odd outings with friends. How often does your mother do that? She should relax a little and take a break from all her chores. Her little vacation, a gift from you! Take her out to a show that you know she'd like to see, a restaurant where they'd play her favourite tracks as she makes her way through the courses, shopping too if she likes that. And at the end a trip to the spa to tend to her sore feet...the ultimate comfort.
Mother's choice: books and movies
Your mother may be the silent shy type who keeps to herself , her companion in this case is likely to be books or movies! So go out and get her an original copy of her favourite book, or get a couple of books each with its custom designed bookmarks if you'd like, a signed copy would be treasured too.
Get her the DVDs of the new movies in town that she's been talking about and some decadent ice-cream so as they pass their time reading or watching TV, the horrible heat can't get to them.

For the artsy-crafty mother
It is not rare to wake up to the sound of a sewing machine going "grgrgrgr" in the next room. A common phenomenon in many houses, women these days believe in creating beautiful handicrafts themselves for homes at their leisure! For those who can relate, buy your mother the now widely available little kits for DIY material which your mother can use to make anything she fancies and bide her time.
Gadget lover mother
Many parents these days are not only familiar with the intricate use of technology, but are avid fans just like anyone else. If your mother is one of them, then lo! Buy her anything from a phone to a notebook or laptop, a tablet or even the PS4. The gamer inside her could possibly not be more delighted.
Albeit everyday should be made special for your mother, this is one day especially dedicated to these superwomen. So no matter what you decide to gift her -- a box of chocolates, flowers or a specially made cake, make sure you let her know how much her endurance, compassion and tolerance is loved by you.


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