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In with the old

By Mehereen Aziz
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Vintage style's legendary comeback
This year, Star Lifestyle has, along with the rest of Bangladesh, fallen in love with vintage fashion all over again. Picture the nawabs and their begums of long forgotten times, with a sense of fashion so sophisticated that it could only have been genetic.
Or even go as far back as the Mughal dynasty and the jewels, ornate clothes and furnishings that are fit for a shahensha. Add some international flavours to the mix, namely the 1920s flapper style brought to life in the movie The Great Gatsby, and you have a melting pot of old-world charm that never fails to be spellbinding.
Vintage has made a comeback, and we are all absolutely loving it.
The cat eye and dark lip
Makeup has gone back to the bare necessities. The eyebrows are natural, the upper eyelid is thickly lined with liquid eyeliner, and a dark maroon lipstick is added to transform the look from day to night. Drop the blush and bronzer and keep your foundation routine as natural as possible, because vintage is all about letting makeup take a backseat in order to highlight a lady's natural beauty and heavy clothes and accessories.
The braided up do

Gone are the days when braids only refer to schoolgirls with pigtails. The side parted hair that braids all the way to the base of the cranium and then made into a messy bun that our mothers and grandmothers sported on a regular basis once upon a time has been the most popular hairstyle this year. This style is called the “khejur beni”, and ladies have also been spotted braiding and pinning back just their bangs and leaving the rest of the hair naturally wavy.
The ornate blouse
The roles have been reversed; the sari is now the supporting actor while the blouse has become the star of the show. Plain saris with little or no embellishments are worn to let the blouse do all the talking. Thick embroidery in the collar, also known as the “maharani neckline”, patterned fabrics, sequin work, lace pipings and full sleeves with embroidery are just some of the new embellishments that are being added to blouses.
Mad men
Don Draper has nothing on the understated elegance that our Bengali forefathers bore with finesse. Men did not hesitate to invest some time and effort in their own appearance, and this attempt to look one's best is back again in today's men as well.
The panjabi coat
Take a simple Panjabi, a Bengali man's necessity that he loves to wear whenever he can. If it's a semi formal occasion and a man wants to be relaxed yet presentable, a panjabi is always the go-to piece. Now take a Mujib coat/Nehru coat and put it on top and you suddenly have an immensely classy outfit that can take you to the most formal of occasions. Add a pocket watch and a shawl and you will have the ladies swooning.
The moustache
Who knew facial hair could be this classy? After a long period of the shaggy beards and the wannabe rockstar frump, it seems that men are channelling their Mughal ancestors once again. Magnum P.I. must be very pleasantly surprised.
The slick side part
Can you believe there was a time, even a year ago, when the idea of thick gelled hair parted to one side was laughable? Remember all those times we made fun of our grandfather's photographs with the heavy pomade hairdos? Our men are looking so good this season with this hairstyle that it seems like the grandpas are definitely getting the last laugh.
The nagra
This applies to both men and women. While we are welcoming Western closed shoes more and more, it's great that we're not forgetting their Eastern counterpart, namely the nagra.
A nagra, unlike a ballet pump, is never understated. In fact, it will be intricate, colourful and maybe even a little uncomfortable. But it goes so well with the rest of the vintage look that we just can't help but love it.
If you haven't tried any of these styles as of yet, make sure you try it now, because somehow trends have entered a beautiful time machine and warped us back to the most elegant times of fashion history. Take advantage of it now while you can, because like the movie Midnight in Paris, the Old World might throw us back to the future anytime, and I think we'd all rather be Marilyn Monroe or Shuchitra Sen than Lady Gaga!

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