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Hakasa – the new noodle bar in town

By Taskin Rahman

HAKASA is definitely the first “wifi” noodle bar as they like to call themselves. There is no doubt that they are the first in that category.
With a good-looking, upbeat, East Asia-styled hip atmosphere combined with average service the new noodle joint has made a place for itself in the ever growing food hub of Dhaka -- Banani.
I like the name of the place as well as how the interior looks. The restaurant is really light and soothing in terms of colour while contrast is little. At one end, you can see the kitchen operations through its glass window. The temperature was cold which I usually enjoy in food places. The ambience does resemble an international look.
I tried their shitake mushroom and broccoli noodle. I quite enjoyed the taste and the portion size is just about enough for one person while someone with a slightly bigger appetite than mine would want to have more. The shitake mushrooms in that dish were good to taste.
Having been there a couple of times over the last two weeks, I also tried the Burmese mira noodle, which was good too. But since I like broccoli and mushrooms, I found the shitake mushroom and broccoli noodle better.
The service is average. As in most other places, if you are a first-timer, the waiters cannot really suggest anything or guide you through the menu. Also, I found that the bill is provided in a rather large leather cover which is quite disproportionate to the dimensions of the bill itself. Like most, I do not like waiting long for the change, which I had to here.
The pricing needs to be improved quite a lot in terms of being a “noodle” place. You will end up paying a minimum of Tk.450 including VAT and service charges. I think for a plate of noodles that is really, really expensive. At such rates I would at least want comfy chairs with backrests and high-end cutlery and proper waiters who can really describe the ingredients. I understand that imported ingredients cost quite a lot but that does not really show in the plate that is served.
The overall experience has been middling. I would say someone who really likes noodles might enjoy the overall experience.
Taste of Food 3.5
Quality of Service 3.5
Décor and Ambience 3.7
Price  2.0
Presentation  3.0
Average  3.14


Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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