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By Osama Rahman

Lotto Sport Italia, an Italian sportswear manufacturer, began operations in 1973. Established by the Caberlotto family, a family of sports enthusiasts and football patrons, the company soon gained prominence in the sportswear market. Soon, it had established itself in more than 70 countries. The year 2012 brought the company to Bangladesh and it soon established itself as a firm favourite in the Bangladeshi sportswear market, something that few doubted would happen.

 Model: Farhan, Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Farhan, Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Lotto Sport Italia signed a 10-year licensing agreement with Express Leather Products Ltd for the production, distribution and retailing of footwear, accessories and at a later stage, apparel, in Bangladesh starting from January 2011. Owing to the 160 million population and rising income levels, Bangladesh was seen as a perfect untapped sportswear market. Most global brands had yet to recognise the market in Bangladesh and Lotto were the first to take the initiative. Lotto's journey began by showcasing their Italian style footwear, lifestyle and performance-oriented, in their flagship outlet and selected retail chains such as Gallerie Apex, Bay Emporium, Shoppers World, Agora and Swapno. Increasing demand led Lotto to open six new retail outlets in Sector-3 Uttara, Gulshan-2 and Elephant Road in Dhaka; in Lalkhan Bazar in Chittagong; in Shib Bari Mor in Khulna and Zinda Bazar in Sylhet. It was then decided that the next year would see the inauguration of four more outlets.
Lotto has since become synonymous with quality shoes and sandals, among other accessories. Their line of deodorants has also become quite popular among the athletic crowd. Teamed with Globoscent, Lotto began distributing 5 kinds of deodorants of the Lotto brand Lotto Elements to 300 cosmetics shops in over 50 shopping malls in Dhaka. But their biggest seller remains their footwear. Constant innovation and input from famous sports stars have brought Lotto where they are today. Coupled with the fact that Bangladesh has yet to have a strong presence of any other premier brand of sportswear, Lotto has just begun reaping the benefits of their foresight.
The two joined lozenges, prominent in the Lotto brand, are representatives of two overlapping playing fields. This is an homage to the two sports Lotto seems to cherish the most: football and tennis. Their various designs are at times reflective of this bias but consumers overlook this fact given the fashionable quality of all Lotto ware. It is not necessarily restricted to sports as a quick glance at their line of sandals makes abundantly clear. Lotto has a diverse product line including various types of shoes (running, casual, football, tennis, cricket, basketball, etc.), T-shirts, shorts, bags, caps and other accessories for men, women and children alike. The famous brand also has star power at their disposal. Lotto counts Luca Toni, Sissoko, Glen Johnson, Guiseppe Rossi and even Ruud Gullit as sponsored stars among various other teams.
Lotto, as a premier sportswear brand in Bangladesh, testifies to Bangladesh's burgeoning growth as a major international market. Brands such as Lotto help to bring world-class products here and boost our own sense of living standards. All this while the economy benefits from the presence of such international players. Although important points, these do not take away from the fact that Lotto's presence in Bangladesh means we get to pick from one of the best collections of sportswear.

Model: Farhan
Wardrobe: Lotto

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