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FALL if you must for a girl who is dark

By MannanMashhurZarif
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed, Model: Ispriha, Make up and styling: Farzana Shakil
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed, Model: Ispriha, Make up and styling: Farzana Shakil

She is the one girl whom you will ignore all your life. Without repentance.
“Why?” you never ask. Only if you knew! At school, she is the one who regularly takes the back seat. Every day. At tiffin breaks, she huddles up at the furthest corner of the playing field with the same familiar faces and quietly eats fried potatoes with homemade rotis -- her mother has packed them with all the love and the care she can amass. Her brother, two years junior to her, however, enjoys jam with toasted bread. Her brother is in his growing stage; she has somehow 'grown'.
On a dog day she stares blankly out in the open; the cacophony of the street overlooking the small, dusty field amuses her beyond belief. She can name all the peddlers that flank the school wall, familiar faces she has picked over the years. Jalal, selling popsicles is her favourite. He is the man with the patch on his left eye. “He was a Portuguese pirate,” everyone says. And he indeed lost his eye in a fishing accident; but a good soul.
She, however, rests in anonymity. Not brilliant enough to catch the teacher's attentions, not pretty enough for the rest. She finds her solitude cold. But be with her nevertheless; she will comfort you. She walks the school playground with Humayun's 'Pencil e aka Pori', without herself ever realising that it is indeed she, who is the pencil-sketched fairy. She is Reshma in flesh and blood.
She romances the seasons like no soul she had met. The fiery summer sky fills her in a wandering madness; in monsoon her heart heaps up in joy and her stare penetrates the glass windows of her mathematics class. The pitter-patter of the rain goes unnoticed by the rest of her class… except her. Autumn reminds her of the glum side of life. No one sees her cry reading the rhymes of Jibanananda. And in winter she embraces the solemn isolation pronounced by the southern chill that came with it.
Say 'Hi' to her when it's least expected. As she puts down her book to reply to your greeting, smile. Know this, it will touch her soul. Ask her if she wants to go for a popsicle. If she agrees, it's your lucky day. Cherish the moment; it just may be the start of a beautiful journey.
Don't toy with her insecurities because she will fight back like a tigress. Hold her closer when she is close. Hug her. Let her know that you are there. And she will be there for you. Always.

She is timid because she cares. She will care for you and cherish everything you call precious. Just give her love and tender care; let your feelings be spoken and hers will overflow. She is the solace you seek; chivalry and her heart will be won.
So fall, if you must, for a girl who is dark.

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, March 04, 2014

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