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By Arusa Rahim

'Fashion', a word that even a few years back was not so popular among most Bangladeshis, has become a necessity nowadays.


With the growing impact of the media world, being fashionable has become a top priority not just for the popular teen generation but also for the stay-at-home moms. One of the most popular branches of Bangladeshi fashion has always been boutique outlets and in the past few years, Bangladesh has seen a growing demand for its boutiques and clothing shops. The sudden success of this has led many entrepreneurs to launch new brands and create a more colourful, eclectic clothing market in Bangladesh.
Driven by her own interest and the desire to bring something exclusive to this competitive market, Sasha Mansoor Chowdhury restructured her family-owned boutique shop, 'Doorjee' in 2012. 'Doorjee' was established in early 1998 with great response from its customers. Being one of the only few boutique outlets in the 'black-and-white' days, Doorjee soon developed an image and status for its unique products. The motto of the boutique in the early days had been to make traditional yet trendy outfits for Bangladeshi women. However, in recent years Doorjee's mission statement has evolved into 'Your say, your style'. Through a friendly conversation with the owner, we get to have a more inward look of the shop. She informs us that the unique name 'Doorjee' has more meaning to it than may immediately be obvious. The shop believes in putting their craftsmen's effort into view and giving greater recognition to the job they do and thus the name, 'Doorjee'.  'Doorjee' also symbolises the 'door to fashion', hence the variation in spelling.  The boutique has always been famous for its unique collections of women's kameezes and kurtis and the amazing ability to play with the vibrant colour combinations which leads to making each product different from the next.
With Eid being so near, like every other brand Doorjee has gotten down to business to bring out the best collection for this year. It has already introduced its first Eid collections, which mainly focus on women's attires like kameezes and kurtis. Cotton, georgette and linen are the most used fabrics by the shop at the moment, with heavy embroidery, use of different types of buttons and printed borders with the price range starting from Tk.2, 000 – Tk.7, 000. The boutique also offers free customisation and alteration and has a Facebook page for any queries from its customers.
Doorjee gives its customers the freedom in making their own customised attires and a very luxurious, friendly environment to shop in. So if you have not yet decided on an Eid attire and if you want something entirely traditional yet want to look fashionable, this boutique welcomes you to make them a part of your Eid celebration! Because even if all the other brands focus on foreign products to just make a profit, Doorjee is one of the only few that still holds the traditional styling of the long forgotten Bangladeshi culture.














Photo: Shahrear Kabir Heemel
Model: Faria
Wardrobe: Doorjee
Make up: Farzana Shakil

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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