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Indian cuisine and beyond

By M H Haider
 Photo courtesy: Dhaba
Photo courtesy: Dhaba

In the year 1998, Dhaba started off in Chittagong as a street-side café, featuring mainly Indian cuisine. A couple of years or so later, the eatery set foot in Dhaka. Today, it has three branches in the country, and since its inception, it has diversified into more than offering Indian cuisine, expanding into Thai anIn Chinese menus. As you enter through the gate of the eatery's Banani branch, the splendid aroma of 'tandoor' greets you from the relatively open but nevertheless very well-maintained kitchen.
The spacious two-storied restaurant offers many options in terms of sitting arrangements and ambience, from café to fine dining. With the interior kept very simple and uncomplicated, the indoor and outdoor rooms offer a very comfortable setting for family and friends to gather for chitchats and conversations.   
'Tandoori' items are one of the specialities of the restaurant and takes up a good chunk of its offerings. You have different sorts of mouth-watering dishes like 'tikka' and kebabs of chicken, mutton and beef, complete with a wide assortment of 'naan', 'roti' and 'paratha'.
There is also a range of 'biriyanis' you can choose from.
On the other hand, if you are not feeling like eating anything heavy, Dhaba will provide you a variety of snacks, such as 'dahi fuchka', 'papri chat', 'pani puri', etc -- a rich menu of Indian street food. If you are craving Southern Indian cuisine, you can always opt for 'dosa'.
Alongside some common foods items, Dhaba features dishes that are not easily available and uncommon in our city. Some of these items include Chicken Gelafi Kebab, Mutton Bara Kebab, Mutton Pasanda Kebab and Mutton Roghan Josh.
The delicious Chicken Gelafi Kebab, for example, is a 'tandoori' item comprising of minced chicken, tomato, capsicum, onion, green and red chilli, etc.

Dhaba also offers Chinese and Thai cuisines, featuring appetisers and salads and sizzlers and rice and noodles, with prawn, crabs, fish, beef, or chicken.
Finally, savour the many scrumptious desserts they have. Faluda and kulfi are two extremely popular desserts at Dhaba. Try their Kulfi-Kesar Pista, a very sweet delicacy made with nuts and a hint of saffron.  
Meanwhile, prices are relatively reasonable. Combine that with great food and very good service, Dhaba is definitely a place to visit. On the other hand, you can also hire them as your caterer. Be it for parties or ceremonies or corporate events, Dhaba will be there with all its manpower, skills and equipment to serve you.
"Dhaba is run by a few partners -- Selina Rahman and Nihad Kabir are among the few. The concept of Dhaba was developed by Sharmeen Husain," Ishrat Alamgir, another partner of Dhaba informed. "This is her brainchild."
Dhaba has one branch in Chittagong and two in Dhaka (House # 89/2, Road # 12/A, Dhanmondi; House # 48-E, Road # 13-C, Block E, Banani). For more information, call 0175 671 0097.

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