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Bring on the boats or what?

By M H Haider
Anurup Kanti Das
Anurup Kanti Das

Although it’s officially autumn, monsoon seems to be adamant, unwilling to go away. Dhaka, Chittagong and many other major cities and towns in Bangladesh now face one frustrating and recurring problem: water logging.
From narrow alleys to major roadways, poor planning and heavy, incessant rainfall has ‘flooded’ our routes, making a nuisance of the daily commute.

Cars and CNG taxis sweep by -- with drivers worrying about falling into submerged ditches or crashing into bits of jutting out tarmac, invisible under the water -- often splashing dirty water onto pedestrians.

Amran Hossain
Amran Hossain

Pedestrians walk carefully so that they do not step into an open manhole or drain -- and in disgust,get drenchedin ankle-deep, knee-deep or even waist-deep dirty water. Rickshaw-pullers too, face similar problems; manoeuvring their heavy vehicle through a more unfriendly terrain.
Traffic is horrible.

Of course, not all streets are facing such conditions. But given the number of areas that face such a problem, it is not unlikely that you, among thousands of others, are a sufferer. Although it won’t be extremely helpful, put on your heavy duty boots nevertheless.Because who know when the city corporations and the government at large will step up to solve this problem once and for all.

Published: 4:26 pm Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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