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Breads galore

By Abida Rahman Chowdhury

The smell of a good bread baking in the oven, the crackle of its dense crust and the melt in your mouth dense carbohydrate slowly releasing its sweet flavours -- there is really nothing more satisfying than a good quality bread. And this Shab-e-Barat should be another excuse to indulge in breads. Although many choose to bake their own breads, Shab-e-Barat is a day when we are busy preparing other delicacies to be shared with our neighbours and relatives and baking your own bread can be quite a hassle especially. To help you answer your bread woes this Shab-e-Barat Star Lifestyle has put together some of the go-to destinations for quality breads:

Famous among people living in the vicinity of Dhanmondi, this eatery has established itself as one of the best places for no-frills but delicious barbeques and curries alike. Also available are soft and thin as paper Rumali Rotis priced at Tk.35 apiece inclusive of VAT. The naans are exquisite here as well. Soft and dense they can be pre-ordered and come priced at Tk.35. Bar-B-Q-Tonite is located at road 16 new (old-27), Dhanmondi and opens at 4:00pm every evening.
Turkish Bazar:
Located in Banani Road 10, House 25, Turkish Bazar has been known for quite a while now as one of the places to go for doner kebabs and naans. Their pita bread is to die for, thin and melt-in-your-mouth goodness, they are priced at Tk.50 each while the Turkish Naan is a densely delicious bread that will fill you up instantly. Pair it with kebabs or halwas or you can choose to make sandwiches with them adding variety to your Shab-e-Barat spread. The naan is priced at Tk.120 each. You can order them before hand to avoid the wait once you reach.
As a Korean restaurant this may not immediately come to mind when looking for bread solutions for this Shab-e-Barat. But they offer out of the box treats that you can easily incorporate into your menu adding novelty to the dishes you are serving. Toasted baguettes spread with a little butter served with the traditional sweet halwas, or the crusty French roll beside a serving of "deshi" beef curry to wipe off the excess gravy can prove very satisfying indeed. Alongside the usual offerings of a bakery, Doomiok offers French rolls at Tk.130 apiece and baguettes at Tk.70 each. Doomiok is located on Road 11 in Banani.
Hot Breads:
A popular name in the bread arena, they have quite a vast range on offer. From the everyday white bread that is fluffy and soft to multi-grain bread packed with grains, to brown bread that is now fast gaining popularity, a multitude options await you as you walk into Hot Breads. Prices start around Tk.70 and fresh batches arrive daily.
Apart from these there are many bakeries and supershops in Dhaka offering breads for sale now. Unimart, King's Confectionary, Sausly's and White Hen are some of the few that you could go to get your daily dose of complex carbohydrates in the form of breads.


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