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Baked Goodies

by Giash Uddin

Ginger cookies
Ingredients: Makes 6
125g Butter
125g sugar
Yolk of one egg
200g flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 tsp ginger powder
25g honey
Beat and stir butter, sugar then egg yolk inside a bowl. Put flour, baking powder, ginger powder. Slowly put in honey, mix well like a paste. Then cut it in whichever shape you like. Before baking it in oven, brush the cookies with milk and put red cherries on top of cookies, and then bake it in medium hit (max 30 minutes). Decorated with icing sugar.

Christollen bread
Ingredients: Makes 5

1.125 kg flour
15g yeast
375ml milk
65g brown sugar
65g sugar
5g lemon zest
5g mix spice
9g salt
250g butter
375g raisin
375g mix peel
165g almond flakes
175g icing sugar
Make bread dough with flour, yeast, milk, sugar and salt. Keep the dough to rise till half an hour, then put all ingredients in. Mix well and keep rise for another one hour. Make 0.5 kg/1 kg bread each. Put on tray and propping it properly and bake it in medium heat (max 45 minutes) after cooked. Take out from the oven. Then quickly add melting butter and icing sugar on top of the bread. Cool it down and cut it and then serve.

Christmas log

10 eggs
250g sugar
250g flour
250g cocoa powder
200g butter cream
20g cocoa powder
150ml sugar syrup
Make sponge cake and then keep it in a cool freezer. Then take out the sponge cake; add syrup and butter cream inside and then roll it out and keep in fridge. After its cool, cut and make logs and decor as you like.

Christmas icing fruit cake

300g flour
2 tsp ginger
½ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp mix spice
½ tsp cinnamon
225g raisin
225g sultana
250g currant
120g mix peel
120g cherries
150g prunes
150g almond
300g butter
Orange jest and juice
Lemon jest and juice
5 eggs
Methods: Soften the butter and keep it on the side. Put all ingredients in a bowl. Then mix well the soft butter and eggs. When the mixture is ready, pour it in a mould and baked it on medium temperature (approx. 1 hour). When it's ready keep it cool and put royal icing and decorate with toppings.

Recipes provided by and food prepared by Giash Uddin, Pastry Chef, Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Dhaka
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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