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Armadio the perfect fit

Despite the mushrooming of clothing stores, quality Western wear is still quite hard to come by in Dhaka. This is especially true if you are looking to dress up for a formal occasion. As our body structure differs quite a lot from the Western physique, a lot of Bangladeshis struggle to find ready-made, Western outfits that would fit them perfectly.
Pants that fit in the hips might be too long in the legs, suits which fit the shoulders might not fit around the middle, and a really nice dress might be too short for comfort, and so on. Keeping all this in mind, Armadio was born to answer to the need for customisation, so that your outfit is just right.  
The store was established in November last year, as a result of the owners' passion for fashion and the observation that there was a lack of well-made Western wear in the country.
Armadio specialises in formal Western wear, be it dresses and gowns for the ladies or suits and formal shirts for the men. Nowadays, formal dresses are quite high in demand, be it for a high school prom, a piano recital or an extravagant ball.
Dhaka fashionistas refuse to “settle” for just any dress; it has to be the perfect fabric, the perfect fit and on-trend. Clothing is an expression of oneself, and because of the availability of services such as those of Armadio's, young people are able to have something unique in their closets.
Armadio also has “Travelling Tailors” who cater to those who cannot find the time to visit the showroom, but require something very specific for a special day. The entire process is extremely personalised, and is perfect for creating the perfect dress or suit.
Firstly, the Travelling Tailors visit the residence of the client with sample books, which include fabrics and designs for the client to look through. The tailors also take necessary measurements. Then communication is handled online and through pictures, until the client trials the finished product and the tailors do any additional tinkering of the fittings if necessary.  

If you're not particularly looking for occasion wear, and would just like to update your wardrobe, Armadio can help you in that regard as well. You can buy your own fabric and supply the design to Armadio's tailors, or choose from Armadio's selection of fabrics, or even show Armadio some samples and ask them to procure the fabric for you. Collect some designs from magazines or the internet, or describe your dream design to Armadio, and they will do the rest.
If you think such excellent customer service will cost you an arm and a leg, Armadio will leave you pleasantly surprised. For the ladies, tops are around Tk.1,200-2,500; dresses are around Tk.3,000; gowns can go up to Tk.12,000 depending on the design and work involved. For the men, the prices of formal shirts and suits depend to a large extent on the quality of the fabric and design demand; a short chat with the Armadio team will help them provide an accurate price quote.
For Eid, Armadio will have a selection of ethnic looks as well, such as form-fitted panjabis in urban styles for men, and modern kameezes for women. If you are keen to try out Armadio for your Eid wear, visit them quickly so that they have time to create something especially for you!  

By Mehereen Aziz
Contact: 119 Apollo Exit Road, Basundhara R/A. Tel. 0178 728 6103. Facebook.com/ArmadioCollection; armadiocollection@gmail.com

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, July 01, 2014

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