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By Raiha Ahsan
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed, Model: Mehgla, Make up: Farzana Shakil, Wardrobe: Almira, Location: Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed, Model: Mehgla, Make up: Farzana Shakil, Wardrobe: Almira, Location: Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel

Almira is the brainchild of reputed designer Shahrukh Amin. His designs have a blend of heritage along with a twist of modern fashion. Even though the fashion and the apparel industry of Bangladesh is still at a nascent stage, Amin always turns heads with his creations.
Amin has held numerous fashion shows over the years at home and abroad, displaying true art in his creations much to the appreciation of the audience. He recently participated in the Islamabad Fashion Week, where his collections received tremendous response.
Amin's designs -- exclusive saris with blouses, shalwar kameez sets, panjabis, gowns – are displayed in his store located at House 26, Road 36, Gulshan-2.
Almira has had its doors open to fashion enthusiasts since 1998. The store in Gulshan-2 boasts a matchless aura, which reflects a personal touch in each and every corner. Not only will you be impressed by the collection on the racks, but the framed images of photo shoots and the antique pieces resting on the brick walls will also steal the eye.   
One thing that all his creations have in common is the touch of aristocracy. Emphasis is given on little details of the stitches and the styling in addition to colour combinations and fabrics. Amin uses all kind of fabrics in making his collection -- starting from bright silks to sober chiffons, elegant Muslins to popular cottons. He also experiments with colour combinations and you can find neon shades such as bright yellow teamed with black, lime green with hot pink, etc. Since white is a colour that reflects purity, it is also an essential part of the racks of Almira regardless of the season.
Almira's saris and shalwar kameez sets have a unique character whether they are embroidered, blocked, spray-painted, done in handiwork or assembled with a variety of fabrics. Every product hung and displayed on the racks of Almira is truly a masterpiece which has no second copy. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the crowd and wish to wear something distinctive Almira is the place for you.
Shahrukh Amin's clothing line can also be found in Ecstasy -- Maleodrama for men and Almira Express for women. These lines are solely designed for Ecstasy and can only be found at selected stores.

For the wedding season, Almira had adorned their shelves with more intricate work. If potential brides and grooms to look out of the ordinary, you can set up an appointment with the designer and discuss how you would like to look on your big day and he can come up with designs to impress you and your wedding guests.
Pay a visit to Almira and look stunning in their clothing this season!
Contact: Almira, House 26, Road 36, Gulshan-2. #0171 0923 785.

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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