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Jewellery, jamdani and more

By Abida Rahman Chowdhury

Since its conception, Aarong has been serving its customers with tasteful and artsy fashion wear, lifestyle items and more. And as more and more branches open in and around the country they provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy Aarong's trendy yet traditional fare. Their flagship outlet in Uttara offers an even bigger ground to display all their goods; it is literally the best among all the other outlets. Spread out tastefully over six floors, each is dedicated to certain themes and collections unique to Aarong.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Grey tiled floors welcome you into the sprawling Aarong compound, where on one side you will find bags, clutches and jewellery boxes and the other is dedicated to jewellery. The range is boastful to say the least, offering something for everyone. Fashion jewellery comes in funky designs made with materials such as brass, mud, metal, cotton and beads making the perfect accessory for evening wear or with casual t-shirts or kurtis. Then there is the very famous line of Aarong silver jewellery -- both oxidised and natural, they come in heavy, bold designs appropriate for saris and shalwar kameezes alike. A ring to adorn your fingers, ornate anklets in silver or the oxidised necklace with a teardrop ruby enhancing your neck-line; you name it and Aarong has it for you. If it isn't plain silver you prize, they have gold-plated silver with unique designs such as jhumkas, colourful peacock pendants, and multi-coloured stone and pearl placements along with their very classic gold and diamond jewellery line which has nose-pins, earrings, bangles, pendants, bracelets and more. The price range for the fashion jewellery starts from Tk.25 going up to Tk.1,000, whilst the gold-plated silver and silver jewellery selection ranges from Tk.500 to as much as Tk.60,000 for necklace and earring sets. The diamond and gold jewellery line is a tad bit more expensive, ranging from Tk.5000 upwards.
Once you are satiated with the jewellery selection head upstairs and you will find yourself in the sari section. Although Aarong has a huge array of saris in many different materials such as soft silk, katan and taant, they take pride in their jamdaani collection. Silk, half-silk and cotton jamdanis dominate the scene with colours such as bright reds, forest-greens, pastels and blues mostly popping out in the collection along with pink, beige and ivory dotting the rack occasionally. Beside the jamdani collection, there is the premium lounge where loyalty customers of Aarong who have gold and platinum cards can relax and enjoy coffee, cookies and cupcakes taking a break and rejuvenating before another round of shopping. The jamdani collection ranges from Tk.8,000 to Tk.50,000 depending on the material and time taken to weave the sari.
Household items including candles, mats, lamps and bed linen in traditional motifs occupy one floor whilst the sixth floor houses Aarong's chic and trendy clothesline named Taaga. Serving the modern and retro woman of today the designs of Taaga reflect current trends. Kurtis, tops, fatuas and kaftans are available in various cuts such as oval, aeroplane, balloon and the more routine square cut. The dominating designs vary from tribal, deshi embroidery, kolka, metallic prints and blocks. Today's woman does not shy away from popping colours, hence the colour theme in Taaga is also bright with pinks, neons, maroons, shades of green, blue and red along with the standard black and white. Taaga also boasts a line of formal pants, skirts, scarves and clutches. The Taaga collection starts from as low as Tk.500 ranging up to Tk.2,500. Once you are done with all the shopping, you can head over to Grassroots Cafe where you will find freshly baked goodies, sandwiches, coffee, fries, and much more. Listen to some music, relax and enjoy the baked goodies grassroots has to offer.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Arpita
Make-up: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe and Jewellery: Aarong

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