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KG Mostafa the lyricist of “Tomare Legechhe Eto Je Bhalo”

Iftekhar Islam
KG Mostafa
KG Mostafa

It was sometime in 1960, when film producer and director Ehtesham was busy in giving final touches to his ongoing Bangla film production “Rajdhanir Bukey”. As always, he preferred someone fresh for penning the lyrics for the main song of the film, where he was about to introduce the great Talat Mahmood for giving the playback voice during the artiste's short and personal visit to Dhaka at that time.

Their time was very short and Ehtesham along with music director Robin Ghosh, another almost fresh but talented and charismatic composer and their friend cum associate Azim, who had not yet become popular as an actor in Dhaka movies, was trying to find someone new for that particular song. This frantic search can give one an idea of how much music, especially romantic popular songs, meant in those days for a film to become an instant hit. Their search finally came to an end after Azim took them to meet a lanky boy from remote Noakhali, then studying in Masters at the department of Bangla at Dhaka University and residing at F H Hall.

Talat Mahmood
Talat Mahmood

This young man, KG Mostafa, was an amateur poet within his friends' circle at the university and was also trying to write a few songs for radio. Azim knew KG. He took Robin to meet him at his hall and made him an offer. KG was almost speechless and of course excited too; but at the same time was also struck with nervousness. Robin and Azim instantly took KG to Robin's house in Wari. KG had no idea about writing a film song and Robin Ghosh tried to help him out with a harmonium humming a tune. Time was running out. Ehtesham was supposed to come at 8 pm and KG's deadline to return to F H hall was 10 pm. A visibly shaken KG then desperately managed to pen down the first few lines. Captain Saheb, as Ehtesham was popularly known because of his acquaintance with the British Army during World War II, finally arrived at Robin's house. Robin sang those few lines in front of him and the big man hugged KG, saying, ''Where have you been so long?'' The whole scenario then changed and KG instantly came out of all his nervousness. This great inspiration from the captain saheb worked as a tonic for him. Robin then infused into KG's lyrics one of his best tunes which was to be a milestone in the history of Bangla modern songs. It was the all time masterpiece, ''Tomare Legechhe Eto Je Bhalo''.

Robin Ghosh
Robin Ghosh

By this time it was 3am at night. They were tired, but nothing could match their unbounded satisfaction mixed with youthful enthusiasm. Robin, with KG and Azim in his car, drove down to Delhi restaurant at Nawabpur at that hour of night to have dinner. They were all ecstatic, excited and their excitement made them roaming around the whole of Dhaka city for the remainder of the night.

After two days of rehearsal, the final recording took place at FDC. Like KG Mostafa, all others present there were equally excited at being a part of history with the maestro Talat Mahmood making the playback. It came out as one of the finest Bangla modern songs of all time!

KG Mostafa thereafter wrote many popular songs for films as well as for radio and TV; but it is this very song which still makes him feel proud and honoured. He humbly relishes its appeal and popularity even after more than half a century.

The writer is a film buff.

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