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Its pay-back time

Its pay-back time

Band demands $666,000 from Pentagon over unauthorised use of their music for Gitmo tortures
Afp, Montreal

A Canadian hard-rock band says it sent the Pentagon a $666,000 bill after a former Guantanamo Bay guard alleged that the US military used their music to torture detainees.
Skinny Puppy found out their music was blasted out at the detention center in southern Cuba from a former guard who is a fan of the band, keyboardist Cevin Key told Canada's CTV Television.
Rights groups say that prison officials subjected Guantanamo's terror suspects to "deafening loud music," often featuring violent lyrics, during interrogation.
Several other bands, including REM, Rage Against the Machine and Metallica, have denounced the use of their music at Guantanamo.
The amount they requested may be a reference to 666, known as "the devil's number," in light of the band's Gothic themes. The band acknowledged that Skinny Puppy's music could be a "terrible nightmare" for some listeners if listened over a considerable period of time.


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