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Indifferent leaders and hapless creatures!

Indifferent leaders and hapless creatures!

Nusrat Jahan

It was neither midnight nor was it the wee hour of dawn. The sun was shining with all its might when seven men were kidnapped. In the scorching heat of summer those seven people disappeared as if they had turned into some mystic vapour! Yes we are talking about the very recent carefully crafted incident that once again brought our attention to Narayanganj city.
While the number of abductees in the city is alarmingly adding up, the two high and mighty ladies of the country are hurling verbal volleyballs at each other. The opposition leader and the prime minister, in two separate public meetings, said exactly what was expected from them! Each leader put the blame on to the other. They are so much alike when it comes to avoiding responsibility. No one wants to be held accountable for the country's present anarchic condition. I would humbly request these two leading ladies to learn from the polity of South Korea where the country's prime minister just resigned over the recent ferry disaster.
And what about our law enforcing agencies? They are not even in the picture. Each time a crime is committed, they call it an isolated incident. And they also try in vain to establish that the country's overall law and order situation is shipshape. Are we to be fooled in such a way when in reality we are witnessing wholesale abduction? Think about the aggrieved families who have just lost their dear ones. To whom should they go and ask for some solace? While the two empowered ladies of the country go about their business, supported by their loyal aides, the poor citizens are trapped like hapless creatures, wailing in silence for justice.

The writer is an MA student, University of Dhaka.


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