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Indian politician knits £1.27 lakh gold shirt

Indian politician knits £1.27 lakh gold shirt


An Indian businessman has treated himself for his 45th birthday in a way like no other: by having a shirt made out of gold.
Pankaj Parakh, a local politician and the owner of a multi-million pound textile business near Mumbai, has had the shirt created out of pure love for the precious metal.
The shirt in question weighs four kilos and is estimated to have cost £127,000. It has seven gold buttons has been created to move flexibly, just like any other shirt. The gold itself is 18-22 carat purity, and there have been no other metals used. It is lined with a thin cloth for added comfort, though the body of the garment is smooth.
A team of 20 people are thought to have spent 3,200 hours crafting the shirt.
Parakh, who left school without any qualifications, lives outside of Mumbai in the town of Yeola, and is hoping that his creation will get him into the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records, the Times of India reports.
"Gold always fascinated me since I was five years old and studying in school. Over the years, I have become passionate about this royal metal." Parakh said.
Some locals have told Parakh that he flashes his wealth, while others feel that he is "poking fun" at people's poverty, but the businessman is unperturbed.
"My family is hardly impressed or interested in my love for gold. They just ignore and accept it as a part of domestic life. But the rest of my extended family thinks I am weird," he said.



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