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  • Huseyn Shaheed SUHRAWARDY: An icon of democracy

    Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, known for his pivotal role in championing democracy in the Indian subcontinent, was born into an

  • Setting a trend

    I was into scientific instruments and my profession helped me to interact with world class scientists in USA, UK,

  • Bismillah of India

    In a delightful paradox, the man who best represented the holy Indian city of Varanasi was Bismillah Khan. Born on March 21,

  • Syed Waliullah Existentialism, Nostalgia, Nationalism

    Syed Waliullah was born on 15 August 1922 at Sholashahar in Chittagong. His father, Syed Ahmadullah, was a government officer whose postings took him to different mofussil towns in Bengal...

  • Songs from the River called Titas

    Titas has covered up the entire Brahmanbaria region like a finely meshed fishing net. The Harinber Turn still reveals the sightlines of the Zaminder Bari on the bank of the river that attracts thousands of people every year. During the monsoon, the long road from Sarail to Nasirnagar through the large haor turns into a source of beauty.

  • Bengal's 'Ocean of Knowledge'

    Compared to Ram Mohan's approach of creating a separate society (Brahmo Samaj) as social reformation to rid society of practices he condemned, Ishwar Chandra had a more inclusive approach. Arguably his greatest achievement was the role he played in the passage of the Widow Remarriage Act.

  • The lost histories of the Bengali Harlem

    Vivek Bald reconstructs the forgotten stories and communities of Bengalis in America from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

  • Shahidullah's sadhana

    “Archimedes once made the remark: give me a farm spot to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world. Archimedes strived for the impossible. But I am making a realistic claim to you: Give me a dozen writers imbued with fresh thoughts and I will move Bangladesh"

  • A dream within a dream

    If you are ready to go forth on a journey in the spirit of adventure, sauntering through the woods and over the hills,

  • When the Santhals rebelled

    The Scottish historian William Wilson Hunter, who was also a member of the Indian Civil Service, in his book Annals of Rural Bengal