• Saturday, February 28, 2015

The inevitable disaster

Atique Anam

Having confidence is a good thing, but when confidence is taken to disproportionate levels, there is an inevitable disaster somewhere around the corner. The disaster came in the form of a humiliating defeat against a semi-professional side from Hong Kong in Chittagong yesterday. Thankfully for the religious Tigers' fans, the defeat could not hinder their passage to the Super 10 stage.
After a series of disappointing performances in 2014 and having to play the first round of the World Twenty20, the Tigers perhaps felt an urge to win these first round matches so emphatically that they could make a statement to the cricket's establishment.
Shakib Al Hasan reinforced the point by denying a single when only a single was needed to seal the victory against Nepal, which posed the question as to what Bangladesh were looking to gain from such a gesture.
Unfortunately Bangladesh's lofty intentions in the tournament were hardly matched by their game plan last night. They simply forgot the obvious: no opponent in cricket should be taken lightly, especially in the shorter formats of the game. There seemed to be only one game plan, which was to annihilate the opposition, without having a look at their strengths or weakness.
Yesterday's match emphatically proved that their old demons is all too close to the surface as the Tigers once again showed that in the T20 environment they have little understanding of the importance of pacing an innings. The confidence, it seems, is at best misplaced -- and at worst masking an unedifying disrespect for what they perceive as inferior opposition.
With the threat of being relegated to the second tier only recently subsiding, Bangladesh have very little to gain if they thrash an Associate nation emphatically, but they stand a lot to lose if they lose against that opposition. And because of their half-baked and thoughtless approach to yesterday's crucial game, that is what transpired in Chittagong.
The irony is clearly lost on the Tigers.

Published: 12:00 am Friday, March 21, 2014

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