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Hygienic food is our right

Hygienic food is our right

Polluters must be made to pay dearly

Traders must understand that by selling healthy foodstuffs it is not doing any favors to the people. In fact it is our right to get healthy, hygienic and nutritious food. And being deprived of that is in a way being deprived of our right to life. The administration should understand too that it is for them to ensure that the merchants, in whatever eatables they deal in, must conform to the highest level of quality of food. It is regrettable that the consumers have been constantly taken for a ride by the sellers.
Regrettably, the need for the interest of the consumers has been so neglected that the common people have accepted the idea of consuming unhygienic food as a fait accompli. Profit motive on one side and lack of obligation of the administration, in this case the city corporations, on the other, have combined to post the most serious hazard to the quality of health of this and the coming generation of our people.
A case in point is the drive to ensure formalin-free kitchen markets. A very lofty effort by the FBCCI to have these markets free of formalin mixed items has failed primarily due to lack of oversight. We wonder why leave the use of the testing kits, provided by the FBCCI free of cost, to the devices of the kitchen-market committees?
What we are talking of is a serious health issue which if not attended with commitment stands to put the quality of health of the large number of Bangladeshis at great risk in the long run. Would the administration wake up!



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