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Gunfight between cops, criminals hurts 3 in Ctg

Gunfight between cops, criminals hurts 3 in Ctg

Inter-district murder investigation leads to incident; arrestees confess to killing
Staff Correspondent, Ctg

Two police personnel and a miscreant were injured in a gunfight between the law enforcers and a band of criminals at a hotel in Chittagong city Saturday night.
The injured police men are Sub-inspector Alamgir Hossain and Constable Habirul Islam of Jorarganj Police Station in Mirsarai upazila of Chittagong. The miscreant was identified as Mohammad Bacha, 30, a resident of Majhir Ghat area in the city.
They were undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH).
Jorarganj police said they recovered a body from a roadside bush on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway in Mirsarai on May 4. Later they ascertained that it was the body of Mohammad Habib, 35, hailing from Netrakona, who was murdered somewhere else and dumped there.  
After a series of enquiries, Jorarganj police drew the conclusion that someone of Hotel Akash in Majhir Ghat area of Chittagong city might have connection with the murder, and conducted a raid at the hotel around 10:00pm on Saturday, said Alamgir Hossain, the injured sub-inspector of Jorarganj Police Station.
Sensing the presence of law enforcers, the SI said, the criminals opened fire on them, leaving him and Habirul injured.
Police also retaliated with gunshots, leaving Bacha injured, he said, adding that seven cohorts of Bacha were also arrested.  
During the primary interrogation, the arrestees had acknowledged that they were involved in the murder, the SI added.  
SI Alamgir said along with the body they had recovered a photograph of Habib with a woman, which they considered as a vital clue.
The name of the studio written on the photo was located in Narayanganj.    
Following that, a team of Jorarganj police visited Narayanganj's Sanarpar on May 5 and distributed leaflets among the locals to help them find out the woman, he said.   
On May 8, locals held the woman, Parveen, and handed her over to Shiddhirganj Police Station.  
A team of Jorarganj police again visited Narayanganj on May 9, and interrogated Parveen, who claimed that the deceased was her husband, the SI said.
The couple went to Chittagong and checked in Hotel Akash on May 2, the SI said quoting Parveen.
On May 3 night, Habib exchanged heated arguments some people including Bacha, whom police suspected as the ringleader of a prostitution syndicate centring the hotel.
The couple might have been involved in the syndicate, the SI said, adding that Habib might have been murdered over distribution of money of the prostitution business.    
Parveen told the police that she did not find her husband the following morning after waking up from sleep, the SI said.
She is now under Jorarganj police custody, he added.


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