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Green cement in focus

Green cement in focus

Peakward Indonesia holds discussion on cost-effective ingredient in Dhaka
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Cement makers can save a huge amount of energy and reduce carbon emissions significantly by using environment friendly raw materials, an analyst said yesterday.
Pozzolana or pozzolanic ash is an environment friendly and cost effective additive for making green cement and Bangladesh can easily use this volcanic ash, said Azwir Halim, senior manager of Peakward Indonesia.
The siliceous and aluminous material contains no carbon and is virtually free from contamination, he said.
Hong Kong-based Peakward Enterprises (Holdings) organised the seminar at a city hotel, joined by senior officials from different cement and ready-mix concrete companies.  
Pozzolana has a high content of reactive silica that reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions, said Halim who is also an expert on the use of pozzolanic ash.
The material is acid resistant, prevents alkali silicate reaction and prolongs the life of grinding equipment because of its softness.
Cement makers can also reduce cost as pozzolana is cheaper than clinker and slag, said Fazle Azim, chairman of Peakward Rainbow International Group, which owns Peakward Enterprises (Holdings).
Indonesia is producing high-quality cement by using pozzolana, he said.
Peakward supplies raw materials to Bangladeshi cement factories, while Rainbow Holdings markets pozzolana in the country.


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