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Govt may reorganise ICT prosecution: Anisul

Govt may reorganise ICT prosecution: Anisul

Star Online Report
Anisul Huq
Anisul Huq

The government may reorganise the prosecution team dealing with war crimes cases at the International Crimes Tribunals, so that the team can function smoothly.

“I am planning to reshuffle the prosecution team after International Crimes Tribunals finish delivering verdicts in the pending cases since there are some disagreements and ego-problems among the prosecutors,” Law Minister Anisul Huq told The Daily Star this evening.

He said the change will be brought in the prosecution team to remove their internal conflicts.

“Those, who are performing well, will stay in the team, and those, who cannot do well, will go,” the law minister said.

Anisul said he believes that the tribunals will deliver the verdicts in the pending cases soon.

The minister said he earlier held meeting with the prosecutors twice and requested them not to create conflicts among themselves, but there are some disagreements among them.


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