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Govt failed to ensure security of citizens

Govt failed to ensure security of citizens

Says Ershad
Staff Correspondent

The government has no right to stay in power as it has “failed to ensure security of its citizens”, Jatiya Party chief HM Ershad said yesterday.
 The special envoy to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Ershad said his party would wage a movement to realise its demand that the government ensure safety of people's lives and properties.
People are living in misery due to the misrule, extortion and criminal activities, he said, that is why the government has no right to hold on to power anymore.  
The former military autocrat condemned the Awami League-led government at a meeting with JP Shariatpur unit leaders and               activists at his Banani office in the capital.
The image of the country has been tarnished by what he said was the ongoing abductions and killings across the country.
Anyone may fall victim to abduction. “Dead bodies are floating in the rivers. Such incidents did not take place when I was in power.”
The JP chief also said that the anti-government movement by his party would be non-violent but did not give details as to when the party would wage such a movement and how it would be carried out.
Lambasting the BNP for its destructive anti-government movement before the January 5 national election, he said his party men would not set fire to vehicles or demolish cars on roads like BNP activists had done in the name of movement.
“With the people, we will wage a movement in a systematic way against the government's failure in various sectors.”  
At one point of his speech, Ershad said neither the ruling Awami League nor the BNP could fulfil people's aspirations when they were in power.
Describing himself as a “successful ruler and a patron of private sector,” he said at least seven private banks and 18 insurance companies had been approved without any nepotism and politicisation when the Jatiya Party was in power, which helped the economy grow at six               percent GDP (gross domestic product).  
Asked about Ershad's criticism of the government, Awami League presidium member Nooh-Ul-Alam Lenin told The Daily Star that the JP chief was known as an “unpredictable character” in politics.
“He [Ershad] changes his position and statements frequently. He backtracks at night on the statement he made in the morning,” he said, adding that there was no guarantee that Ershad would not change his yesterday's statement.



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