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Gasoline Power

Gasoline Power

Bangladesh is all about alternative fuel. Compressed Natural Gas powers most of the four-wheeled mobility here, and we see its benefits: cheap cost and environmentally friendlier than octane. The car enthusiasts here religiously avoid CNG, and we get that as well.
Which is why you need to let your hair down and partake in some hooliganism once in a while, contribute to global warming a little bit. Don't get us wrong, we like fuel efficiency and the conservation of Planet Earth, but that won't put us off appreciating the gas-guzzling, ozone layer hole maker that is an all American V8.  We give you the Mustang GT. Enjoy.

-Shaer Reaz, Sub-editor, Shift.

Our Facebook page saw activity reach into the red zone, probably because we posted pictures of so many red things. A rain soaked Toyota AE111 Levin made an appearance, as did a red and black Harrier, the sufferer of many a abuse thrown at it for its ungainly colour scheme.
There was a bit of trolling, as well. We spotted a “Mustang”, driving people wild with guesses as to the whereabouts of it. Sadly, the fans were disappointed by the posterior shot, without the square jawed grace of the actual car. We compensated by posting a shot of the actual California Special GT you see featured today.
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