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Floating about

Floating about

Painting by Md. Anisuzzaman
Painting by Md. Anisuzzaman

Have you read this week's issue of Star Lifestyle? Along with write-ups on mushrooms and a review on Cats Eye this season, we have focused our attention on boats in this river-blessed country of ours.

From the variety and number of boats to the peaceful and beautiful feeling you have riding them, boats indeed hold an immense fascination among Bangladeshis.

Read Solemn Soliloquy to glimpse into the artistic world of boats, as depicted by the art of Md. Anisuzzaman. Meanwhile, The River Chronicles recommends some good places to ride boats and Treading Water with a Tiger zeroes in on a fascinating boat ride offered by Tiger Tours. Another article discusses the technical aspects: the types and the mechanics of country boats and interviews of carpenters who design them.

So if you haven’t checked this week's Star Lifestyle (published on Tuesday, 2 September, 2014), do grab a copy or read the online version.

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